Package 7 : 2.5 Hours Session Improving And Developing Energy In Spirituals For Being Medium, Shamanism And Healing And Getting Enlightening Without Palm Reading.

Do you have energy and talent to become a medium, a shaman or a healer? Or you just want to improve your energy in spiritual and get enlightening in this life? Do you want to use all of that to help other people? But you don’t know how to make it happen? In this session Agus will teach you and will give you the instruction or methods to improve your energy in theory and in practice and how to become a reliable and success healer according his knowledge’s ,his experiences and his skills. He will share with you all knowledge’s about spiritual and healing things what he has, based on the time on this session.

Agus is very professional so he will just want to teach you ,only if you really have energy on that, when you have energy then the teaching will take faster and easier, during Agus read you, he will know exactly that you have energy or not. How about if somebody doesn’t has energy but he want to become a healer, shaman or medium? If that possible? How to make it happen?

Everybody naturally can become any kind of healer, only the problem is,if you don’t have energy or talent then it will take long time or more difficult and take more effort, it seems looks like if you don’t have talent is the same if you want to buy house or car but you don’t have any saving money at the bank so you need to work hard first then save the money and if the money already enough to buy then you just can buy it.

But if you already have energy or talent it meant you have already enough saving money to buy house or car so you can buy them anytime you want. Only event you already have enough money to buy but you don’t know where and how to buy ,so you still need somebody to help you to find the correct house and car for you, this is what will Agus do to you in this package.

NOTE : In this package Agus will not read whole of your hand or your palm, but he will only read if you have big talent to be great healer or not, so he will read only focus on that.