Package 6 : 3 Hours 3 Combinations For 2 People

If you are couple, mother and daughters, sisters, brothers, friends and want to make the connection energy between you and them become more strong, better and harmonious, or if you really don’t have time to do this whole time of this package, then this is very good for you.

In this package, all the session you will do together, from purification on the flowers bath, healing, cleansing, rituals and the ceremonies, only the palm reading, guidance, answers question and clarity will be done one by one.

Even that the time become less but the price still same, because we still need to prepare everything for 2 persons.

This session is a combination of palm reading, full body reading, healing, and aura cleansing and coaching to recognize your correct path in life. All the beauty elements and health gather in this package, and this is very rare treatment where you will never find anywhere else in this globe except just by Agus. In the first flower ritual you will relax and bathe in a tub of water and flowers mixed with 3 bottles of aromatic traditional perfumed oils.

Not a handful of flowers but 3 kilos of 9 different fresh Balinese flowers will be added to your bath that are both beautiful and colorful. The flowers are selected for their unique qualities of opening the mind, heart, and aura in preparation of your full body reading. Incenses will also be burned to help connect you with the spiritual world and give you peace of mind as well as your choice a variety of health teas.

Once bathed, Agus will read and analyze every part of your body from the hair, ears and facial features. Then your shoulders, back, abdomen, hands, legs and toes. In addition, he pays special attention to details such as moles and birth marks and provides advice on positive and negative influences. In this session, He gives you an unlimited amount of time answering any question you have. Then after your full body reading you will lay down and meditate for 15 minutes and after you are relaxed and calm the second flower ritual is flowers being poured over you to help give you peace and tranquility.

The third flower ritual is having Agus perform blessings on you with a flower necklace placed around your neck. During the fourth flower ritual you will walk on flowers around the garden to help remove future obstacles in your life path. After this the fifth and final ritual is having flowers showered upon you as a symbol of spiritual blessings from the gods and goddesses in the heavens. You will then be given the time, if needed, to pray to your god to yourself and by yourself.

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