Package 5 : 1.5 Hours Simple Combination Of Accurate Palm Reading And Spiritual Healing.

This is a very enlightening experience.
Agus will read not only your palm and the lines, but also the humidity, the color, the shape, the size of your hand and texture of your skin as well as .He analysis’s all of these which assist him in providing you with an accurate reading.

Your reading will cover areas of your emotions, character, love, career and your future. He can answer some question and offer solutions to your life concerns within the 45 minutes session. Your reading will be conducted in a private and comfortable room, so you can relax and enjoy your professional reading from Agus who is very talented and experienced professional.

Agus is well known for his accurate palm reading and body reading and analyzing but he is also a strong gifted natural spiritual healer. In this treatment Agus will focus on psychological problems and not physical or body problems and he will use many kinds of manner to help you cure with more spiritual focusing. Before the healing starts, he will clean you up with the holy blessing water, incense and magical oils, then he will meditates to analyses and read all part of your body to identify the source of your illness .He will massage and apply special energy to the areas of your body that require his attention and neutralize your unbalance energy.

He will also make you a herbal tea for your particular issues in addition to spiritual meditations focused on making you healthy, and keeping on that way. Also he will give you some instruction that you can heal you by yourself. A package of a few months’ natural herbs using, some oils and incenses are included in this package so your healing recovery can continue.