Package 4 : 2.5 Hours Soul Cleansing And The Rebirth Ritual For Brighter Future Life Without Palm Reading.

This ritual is very good for you if you are always stuck in the past, and have difficulty letting go of something and if you do not know what you must do in this life. The goal of the ritual is to clean up your soul, heart and mind and to make you become a new person like you are Reborn after your stay in Bali. This will make your future life brighter, clearer and surer with what you will do in the future.

First you will sit in a herbal bath of aromatic traditional flowers, and fragrances. While you do this Agus, with his most powerful energy, will pray to his god to clean your soul, heart and mind. After that in his ceremony room, he will make a ritual to protect you from any bad influences in your future with his sacred mantras. Among the fragrances and in very focus of concentration he will neutralize all your unbalance energy.

After this He remove all your bad and negative influences and energy since you were born until now. The session will continue with your soul being sent back to your birth then you will then be reborn ,after you will have time to relax among the flowers soaked in beautiful fragrances of incenses.

After that he will take you to walk around the flower path in his garden where you will walk around it the same number of times as your age, the session will be ended with holy flowers soaked in blessing water.

To accompany your new life you will get some beneficial spiritual gifts that will help you conquer your world. A healthy herbs package are belong to this package.